is this possible?

Physical to digital and digital back to physical, is this possible? Arguably there were things which became better when transformed into digital data. Better in particular ways, for example music became more portable after the digital transformation. Photography has become far more accessible and editable after becoming digital. But now is there a way of creating physical things from that digital world? We started to create tools that can turn are digital world into physical items as early as 1975 with the HP 9871A daisy-wheel impact printer. And as time and technology has moved forward the latest 3D printers have started to reach the domestic market? So what is next to be brought out of the digital world?

The link below is an interesting product which uses the principle of digital, back into physical where MP3 music is concerned. Hopefully it will allow you to gather a greater understanding of this transformation and help with finding useful examples.

What examples can you find to help?

Examples of physical items that have become digital?

e.g. Music and Photography

And products that allow us to create physical items from the digital world?

e.g. Ink Printing and 3D Printing

Please include web links if you are referencing anything.


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